virenlr The Mind of an Overthinker



As a (self) certified over-thinker, I find myself having a million thoughts every day. Some of these thoughts have led to full-length discussions with my friends, discoveries about myself and the world around me, and ideas about the best ways to go about life.

This blog is a place for me to process and output these thoughts. I am not trying to teach you, the reader, anything new. I am not trying to project my opinions onto you either. I am merely sharing my experiences with you and leaving you to come to your conclusions.

I welcome you to share your thoughts with me, as well. Let the overthinking begin!

virenlr The Mind of an Overthinker



Who am I?

I'm a self-certified overthinker. I write articles about the thoughts I have when overthinking. I'm also an ML Engineer and App Developer. But who am I, really?